We believe that worshiping together is one of the most important ways in which we live as disciples who love Christ, his Church, and all people. We do this by worshiping in a way that is Biblically based, historically informed, and culturally contextual.

In bringing us into his family through salvation, God has made his Church a “kingdom of priests” — a people who reflect God’s image to those around us by obeying his law and proclaiming his excellencies to the unchurched. God sends us out as the Church, so that we can bring people into the Church. At RMPC, we seek to do this by being a Church that is both scattered and gathered, by equipping believers for evangelism, by supporting church plants, and by developing strategic local and global partnerships.

We believe that being a church community is one of the most important aspects of the Christian life. Without a sense of community -- without the love of our brothers and sisters in Christ -- we become malnourished, catatonic Christians. Instead, we believe we are to love each other both communally and incarnationally. We seek to accomplish this through our Community Groups and Fellowship Events.

Jesus Christ gave his Church a mission: to make disciples. We believe that the Church does this in two ways: through evangelism, and discipleship. In evangelism, God uses us to help bring unbelievers to faith in Christ, and in deiscipleship, God uses us to help believers grow in their faith in Christ. To this end, we have several avenues for believers to grow and be quipped for evangelism and discipleship, based on an approach called Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship.